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A canon pairing from Homestuck that involves the characters Kanaya Maryam and Rose Lalonde. It is also a ship that Andrew Hussie has yet to sink.
"Aww,look at all the Rosemary fanart on tumblr!"
by TentacleAuxiliatrix January 05, 2014
A recurring character from Adventure Time. Her full name is Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum. She first appeared in the pilot episode of Adventure Time. She is the ruler of the Candy Kingdom and is essentially a mutated piece of bubblegum. She is also referred to as PB,Peebles,P-Bubs or Bonnie in the cartoon.
"Princess Bubblegum is from Adventure Time"
by TentacleAuxiliatrix January 05, 2014
A word in dialect to describe a beautiful female. It is more commonly used in Singapore and Malaysia. Despite it's meaning,it is considered rude or uncultured to use this word to describe someone.
"Walao,that girl damn chio sia!"
"Wah,really leh! Eh,got chio bu sia!"
by TentacleAuxiliatrix January 05, 2014
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