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An abrieviation for the word paedophile. An adult or adolescent who is sexually attracted to prepubescent children.
Person A is an adult and has sexual fantasies about children. He is a pedo.
by Tegeth August 28, 2006
A synonym for paedophilia. Typically used by paedophile activist groups. The word results from the English trainslation of paedophilia - the word "child" comming from Greek "paedo"/"pais" and "love" coming from "philia".
Paedophilia felt towards girls is typically referred to as Girl Love, while paedophilia towards boys is referred to as Boy Love. Paedophiles who use these terms often refer to themselves as child lovers, girl lovers, or boy lovers. This is usually meant to describe the sexual attraction by itself.
John Smith prefers to call his paedophilic attraction child love rather than paedophilia
by Tegeth August 27, 2006
The belief in a higher, metaphysical power/force that exists within all life. People who believe in pantheism are known as pantheists.
Pantheism does not directly imply the existence of (an) individual god(s) or deity as a person. It rather implies the existence of a godly essence within all living things. This may or may not imply the existence of an afterlife or fate. Pantheism can either be completely separate from theism, or the two can overlap.
pantheism is not monotheism or polytheism
by Tegeth August 28, 2006
1. The strong interest of a non-Asian person in Asian culture.

2. The sexual attraction felt by a non asian person either primarilly (in most cases) or exclusively (in some cases) towards East or Southeast Asians.
a person who experiences asiaphilia is known as an asiaphile
by Tegeth August 29, 2006
1. A non-Asian who is either primarilly (or exclusively) attracted sexually to East or Southeast Asians. Reasons for this attraction can vary. Not to be confused with a person who has Asian fetish. Depending on the variation, an asiaphile's attraction can either be normal or an obsession, though as stated above, the motives behind this attraction play an important role.
Carl is white and finds Asian women attractive. Most of his girlfriends have been asian. He is an asiaphile.
by Tegeth August 28, 2006
a movie made in 2001 based on the final fantasy videogame series. Although VERY unpopular, the story was pretty good (not great, but good), and the graffics were done very well.
It's no epic, like the games, but it's nice to watch
final fantasy: the spirits within was alright. I'd give it a 7 out of 10.
by Tegeth August 29, 2006
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