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-Shes one of the kindest person in the world.
-She squeaks when you squeeze her sides.
-She doesn't think she's pretty even though shes the most beautiful person you'll ever meet.
-She is funny and is loved by her friends.
-She is going to go far in life no matter what she chooses.
-Once she gets on your mind you cant get her off.
-Has a smile that can make your day so much better.
Bob: How 'bout that Shaye girl?
Me: What about her?
Bob: Shes awesome!
Me: Yeah, I know!!!!
by Gummy Bear/Jawbreaker March 04, 2013
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Shaye is an awesome person who LOVES music and boyz
Kamille- Shaye's ALWAYS staring at guys and listening to her iPod.

Madison- I know! I do that too!
by MadisonJane October 27, 2008
a girl who looks up her own name after someone sends the definition of theirs
she shayed herself on urban dictionary
by boy in the bear September 26, 2010
a girl who is lost and doesnt know what to do anymore
Shaye: what do i do now?
by Jamie6159715 October 03, 2011
A girl who's extremely good in bed. She's beautiful, has a huge butt, loves to be ate out and loves to give blowjobs. If you have a Shaye, bend her over a table and make love to her as soon as possible. Not to mention give her some extra pampering. If you catch my drift. ;-)
Guy 1: Dude, you're telling me your girlfriend is Shaye and you haven't screwed her yet?
Guy 2: Working on it!
by NoneOfYourBusinessWho12121212 August 27, 2013
a girl who swears she isn't conceited but actually is conceited, who comes up with her own solutions to their own problems, constantly plays with her hair while she tries to speak during complex cognitive activity;struggling to hold a conversation. Never turns away from a mirror. Doesn't lift a finger to clean and complains about others garbage. Goes to sleep early and likes to attend social events while being socially awkward.
Shaye: The light bulb is out what should I do?
Shaye: I think I should fix it.
Other person: Replace the bulb or just not use the light.
Shaye: Your wrong I think I should just replace the bulb.
by loudmouthbeezy November 24, 2010
great in bed, massive tits, bang her in a heartbeat! if shes not willing get a few elevate in her, better yet! neck a goon sack, always up for a party then back to hers for a root. good i bed, nice and flexable.

very bendy ;)
bro, i did a shaye just then!
by le corps October 30, 2011

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