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Mc Donalds
I am hungry lets go down the Golden Arches
by Ted January 08, 2004
A strap-on penis or dildo.
Whose turn is it to strap-on ichabod?
by ted December 12, 2004
1.saying a guy having sex with a girl too hard. the whole bed is shaking and stuff.
2. saying a girl is very very hot.
3.hit someone
1.DMX was banging that white girl in never die alone that movie.
2. dude beyonce bangs.
3. im gonna bang the shit out of ya/
by ted August 14, 2004
an invisible fuck who screwed up my entire life
As soon as that damn Roddy sang me a love song, my entire world blew up!! thanks!
by ted January 30, 2004
When you laugh so hard, you shit yourself. Giggle Shits (plural): When people around you discover that you've shit yourself from laughing too hard and they, in turn, shit themselves from laughing too hard at you having shit yourself.
"Quit making me laugh or I'll giggle shit myself!"
by Ted January 14, 2004
Important safety device required when ingesting mouth mixers since overflows frequently result in explosive eruptions. Usually an old dishrag or t-shirt of dubious cleanliness hung on a nail within easy reach.
Dude, you shouldn't have given her that tequilla and root beer mouth mixer! We're going to need a new spew rag.
by ted December 08, 2004
A state of extreme inebriation brought on by ingesting excessive amounts of tequila shots.

Loud, obnoxious behavior resulting in an ass-kicking by nightclub bouncers or pissed-off football players is very common.

Other unintended results include the clap, pregnancy, totaled cars, cripling hangovers, waking-up with a stranger, jail, etc.

Victims often moan the same phrase repeatedly the next day....

"I'll never drink again"
Dude, you haven't lived until you've gotten tequila drunk and fucked a fat chick!
by ted December 26, 2004
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