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Apparently the easiest way for a hooker to advertise her services according to local news reports regarding prostitution
A woman was charged with prostitution after police investigators answered her advertisment on the popular website Craigslist.
by teabag September 12, 2007
Monsters of the Midway, beeeeoooottchhhes..... NFC North champs 2006... you heard it hear first...
Chicago bears rolled over the Green Bay fudgepackers, yet again
by teabag September 22, 2006
Degenerate gambler, whoremonger, and boozer. Was also is some crappy movies. Let me sum him up in 2 words..My hero
Artie lange, in Vegas, during March Madness...I'm there
by Teabag March 27, 2005
Dumbest shit ever, just call asshole.
Some dipshit was texting me about his whole weekend, it would have been a three minute phone conversation if he called.
by teabag September 12, 2007
Yet another racial term for a black person
Did you just see that schvoogie dunk that basketball?
by teabag April 21, 2006
Horse toothed jackass from the Howard Stern Show (He is also pussy whipped)
Bababooey has to wear a bee keepers helmet on the E! show so I am able to jerk off to the hot chicks
by Teabag March 27, 2005
A device in a retail store that is rung to let all employees know that a black person has entered the store. Made well known by Jackie Martling formerly of the Howard Stern Show that admitted he worked at a store that used such a device.
I heard the schvoogie button go off, so I went to watch the security cameras
by teabag April 21, 2006
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