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Intended for males only, or transvesties:
While naked, one shifts one's hips repeatedly side to side, until one's genitals catch up with the momentum, creating a loud slapping noise against the side of one's thighs
Gilbert was suddenly slapped when Caroline asked him to dance, and Gilbert showed her the Dong Dance to impress her
by Tbizzle April 21, 2004
The act of taking 2 fingers and hitting someone in the head. A Dome check is an insult. If you get Dome checked and do nothing about it you got punked.
I walked up to Benny and pissed him off by saying "Dome check nigga!" as I hit him on his head.
by Tbizzle February 27, 2005
A group of niggas who grew up playing sports together and are "not" a gang. They just mobb on LA niggas on Highland Ave.

Originated in Fitchburg,Massachusetts.
Mad "FP" niggas are getting shot, stabbed, locked up, and kicked off varsity sports.
by Tbizzle February 24, 2005
Nipples of large magnitude
Damn! Bertha and I were getting on fine until she pulled out her SWEDISH NIPS and I broke out.
by Tbizzle April 20, 2004
To take a punch or some sort of pain and just saying "I eat those bitch!!"
Some one punches you in the face out of nowhere and you just look at them and say "I fucking eat those!!!
by Tbizzle February 25, 2005
A nigger burried up to his eyebrows
What do you call a nigger buried up to his eyebrows?...Afro-Turf
by Tbizzle February 28, 2005
A stupid Jew who has a monster nose and sucks at baseball.
Bob: Who is that Jew with the huge nose?
George: Thats Jorge Posada.
by Tbizzle February 28, 2005
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