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The Mississippi Delta country where over 80% of the population is black.
When the Johnsons were transferred by Kraft Foods to manage the Uncle Ben's Rice mill at Greenville, they were shocked to find out they were a white minority and were living on afro-turf.
by Richard Black March 02, 2005
An artificial grass substitute made from tightly curled locks of dark hair. Often found in outdoor basketball courts due to its springy nature.
We just got some fresh Afroturf laid in the courts out back. Should make jumping easier but I'm gonna have to ditch these velco trainers.
by Kapungo January 20, 2009
Any piece of land, province, or territory owned by a tan/dark skin gang or crew.
After I ate dinner last night, I was robbed in afro turf

Afro turf is the most dangerous zone on earth.
by imnotcire April 16, 2009
A nigger burried up to his eyebrows
What do you call a nigger buried up to his eyebrows?...Afro-Turf
by Tbizzle February 28, 2005

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