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aka snitchburg.aka "the dirty dirty". city in massachusetts. mad peurto ricans and brazilians
I'm making a run to Fitchburg to snag some weed.
by twinkie9001 July 24, 2008
Small city in northern central mass, the home of Fitchburg State College, and a victim of the ice storm / blackout of 2008. When driving to Fitchburg, you know you have arrived when the roads are almost impossible to drive on without hitting a pothole. The train that runs through the city goes straight into North Station in Boston. Go downtown at your own risk (I recommend not going downtown). Also known as "The Burg," and the more common "Dirty Burg."
"Have you been to Fitchburg? Man, that's a dirty city!"
by peace,love,&yomama March 10, 2009
a small city in central mass. many great people and things have come from here. now it has not much to offer.
i need to get the hell out of Fitchburg!!!
by Niko! July 11, 2008
"Fitchburg" - noun, may be used as a verb

Def.: A social space where absolutely nothing is sacred.

1. Whenever the usual conventions and proprieties of common party talk became either too tiresome or too constraining, Mary would rebel and take the conversation straight to Fitchburg.
2. "Honey, I think Johnny's head is permanently stuck in the gutter."
"No, no Pookums. Much worse. It's in Fitchburg."
by Liberty Hotel Rendezvous January 14, 2009
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