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Simply the boobs of a lesbian.
Jonathon: Look at the pair on Marissa!
Tyler: Give it up, Jon. Christina's sucking on em every night.
Jonathon: Ohhh, lesboobs, I see.
by tayfin October 26, 2009
Stands for "pretty, popular and proud."
Most often used to describe a girl who recently realizes she's hot/sexy and abruptly becomes friends with all the populars. After this miraculous event a PP&P usually puts tons of new photos of themselves on MySpace, Facebook etc. They're usually in innocent poses, but sometimes they feel daring and show a little cleavage.
Brianna: Since when did Chloe and Ashley start hanging out?
Taylor: I don't know, but Chloe's been updating her pics on MySpace. Did you see that one of her in that really tight tank top?
Brianna: Oh jeez, we've got a PP&P on our hands.
by Tayfin October 29, 2009
The event where you crave snuggling with someone.
Also known as cuddleboner.
I have such a snuggleboner, I need a guy friend to come over
by tayfin August 21, 2011
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