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The most awesome form of transportation ever, an early 90's wide scooter, with a throttle and a weedwhacker motor
"Let me take the go-ped out for a spin, at 10:30pm, and piss off all the neighbors"

"I Was goin like 20mph on the go-ped! i made a 10 minute lap!!!"
by Tarkin September 24, 2003
The semi-popular Pontiac SUV. Known for its horrable styling cues, and terribly stupid options ($3500 tent)
"What are you gonna do with a $3500 tent man?" "Sleep out in the wilderness like a pimp in my Asstek" "Good job, i'll just fold down the seats and sleep in the back of my Pinto"
by Tarkin September 24, 2003
The Honda Civic, like the Cavaqueer, Not all Civics are Civdicks, just those that are jazzed up, and the engine is untouched
That Civdick is so pimpin man, with those racin rims, lo-pro's, and phat body kit!
by Tarkin September 24, 2003
The GM built Cavalier, Not all cavaliers are Cavaqueers, just those that are "riced out"
Yo man, check out that phat leet Cavaqueer! It's like blingin with the rims, and check out those stylin interior neons!
by Tarkin September 24, 2003
An any liquid/grease/paste/film found in one's garage
Whatever I touch in here, I end up with spooge all over my hands!
by Tarkin September 24, 2003
Any form of paste/liquid/film found in ones garage
"I picked up the wrench and got silver-spoo all over my hands"
by Tarkin September 24, 2003

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