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The most awesome form of transportation ever, an early 90's wide scooter, with a throttle and a weedwhacker motor
"Let me take the go-ped out for a spin, at 10:30pm, and piss off all the neighbors"

"I Was goin like 20mph on the go-ped! i made a 10 minute lap!!!"
by Tarkin September 24, 2003
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penis enlarger for people under the age of 15
obscenely loud and obnoxious, especially because the little bastards wake up at the ass-crack of dawn
"hey i just got my really cool 44cc goped the other day, its real fast"
"i hope it will make up for your lack of penis"
by Jimt September 16, 2004
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A go-ped is a slow piece of crap that rolls around at 1 mile and hour. Personally I rather have a unicycle
by h May 12, 2004
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a giant scooter with an engine, capable of up to 60 mph, named coolest thing to have under the age of 16.
weirdo1 : WOAH! what was that thing!

weirdo2 : i dont know! its was awesomely fast!

coolo : thats a goped dumbass!

some old person : ar what was that loud noise! it woke me up just now!

coolo : its noon... shouldn't you be up by now?

some old person : i never wake up before 4 pm! im going to file a complaint!

coolo : you do that.. loser

by gopedtrailrider April 24, 2009
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80's Irish punk slang.
used originally to describe music/musicians
now used to describe something as very pleasing.
ACDC are a gop-ed band.
by everything everything November 01, 2011
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