22 definitions by Tanya

A more elegant word for pussy, mostly used by complete ass holes who never get laid.
"Grr baby, let me get some of that pusois," said the geek.
by Tanya October 30, 2004
oh my god
ommy gawd it was freakin hilarious!!
by tanya October 31, 2003
day before the first day of january of the next year - december 31, where people get drunk, wasted, have sex and all that fun
on december 31, 2003 i got wasted and laid
by tanya January 04, 2004
Someone who dresses in only nike gear and sports clothes. Wears a large amount of over sized jewellry.
Tom felton, Devon Murray, Tessa
by tanya September 07, 2003
the act of perplexing somebody
the math teacher was embrangling the class with all of his algebra.
by tanya January 12, 2004
3)not effective
The boy sits on the couch all day and is otiose.
by tanya January 12, 2004
See: doul
did i stutter?
The BWV is hella tight.
by tanya December 26, 2004

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