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An extremely over-confident male who acts like he knows everthing just because he THINKS he has a lot in the pants... the type of guy who never gets any.
a cock would say thinks like, "what would you guys do without me?" and "i'm so big i have to tape it to my leg"
by tanya April 12, 2004
A typical persian(from Iran, prounounced eeron, not i ran) is always late to everything, lives in a nice area (like Beverly Hills), drives a Mercedes or BMW, has a lot of money, yet is very cheap. Often times, persians have accents that inhibit them from properly pronouncing the letter "w," and therefore they replace it with "v". Persian guys are known to be hairy on every part of their body except the top of their head, and wear a lot of cologne. Persian girls are very "clicky" and tend to dress in all black black. Brand names are a MUST. Also, a typical trend is the older they are, the blonder they are. It all starts with highlights, and then turns into blonde!
PS most persians want to go to UCLA and become doctors or lawyers
by Tanya June 11, 2004
a beautiful, gorgeous person intellectually and phsyically who isnt scared to admit the true darkness of life...and sadly all his beauty is a result from his neurosis-depression, warped view on life-ridden soul
a melancholy philosopher
by tanya May 28, 2004
to fall flat on one's face in a dramatic style and get up like nothing has happened
see first night of Elevation Tour, Miami, FL, USA
by Tanya October 07, 2004
having sexual intercoarse with a slut who smells like a Japanese fish market.
Caryn is a smut banger.
by tanya November 22, 2003
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