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1. To proverbially pimp slap a man so bad and knock his punk ass down the ladder of respect that he can no longer be considered a man, but rather, a pussy.
2. The process and/or method, act of turning a guy, character, situation, etc. into nothing more than a pansied pussy.
1. Jack pussified himself when he told his boys he was scared to talk to a girl.

2. Kevin was pussified by his classmates when he told the gym teacher he didn't want to run, because it would mess up his hair.
by Tai July 31, 2003
Hair style, usually brought about by a crimping iron, or carefully placed curling iron presses, which results in hair gaining a wavy like, zig-zag design.
Girl 1: What am I gonna do with my hair?...it's all flat an' shit..
Girl 2: Giiiirl...why don't you curl it?
Girl 1: Nah, nigga..that's old...I know I'll crimp it!
by Tai July 10, 2003
Occasionally used as a prefix for words to literally decribe the opposite of the word.

Slang term placed in front of a word to emphasize a negative aspect.
1. Ashanti is horrible...her and her non-singin' ass..

James: OOOOO! My lunch break is in an hour! Ima go play on my Gameboy SP until then! *runs downstairs*
Boss: *runs to the top of the stairs* Get your non-workin ass back up here NOW!
by Tai July 10, 2003
"Scuffing" or "Scuff" or "Scuffed"
1. The act of beating down on a nigga and/or white person and/or person of other color because of some wrong doing

2. Hitting and/or Fighting
1. Yo, when Tyrone spilled water on Mike's timbs, he got scuffed up.

2. The whole group got scuffed up when the Po-Po's came around the block.
by Tai June 30, 2003
What Homsar was raised by.
"I was raiiised by a cup of coffee..." -- Homsar (via homestarunner.com)
by Tai August 01, 2003
See Pronunciation
See Definition and/or Pronunciation
by Tai July 07, 2003
pregame brain is oral sex a guy recieves from a slut or friend with benifits before he gets his crazy night on and poppin.
Whoa girl, you gonna hook me up with some pregame brain?
by tai November 12, 2004

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