17 definitions by Tai

Occasionally used as a prefix for words to literally decribe the opposite of the word.

Slang term placed in front of a word to emphasize a negative aspect.
1. Ashanti is horrible...her and her non-singin' ass..

James: OOOOO! My lunch break is in an hour! Ima go play on my Gameboy SP until then! *runs downstairs*
Boss: *runs to the top of the stairs* Get your non-workin ass back up here NOW!
by Tai July 10, 2003
The sweetest girl in the word ^^
Man, I love Delphiwater.
Tai love Delphiwater
by Tai September 07, 2003
kickass website based in irving texas with awesome videos of kids doing stupid shit
"Dude lets go to lobstersoap.com to watch Charles do something stupid"
by Tai March 17, 2005

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