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well...this is going to sound kind of strange....ok so yes it does mean to have sex but the REAL definition is: the last stroke when you are about to go off a waterfall in a kayak. when done correctly it propels you past the recirculation at the bottom, but there is a risk of back-breakage
i got a nice boof line off salmon falls
by ty March 28, 2004
the result of when u turn on your tv and see bill cosby
"wow, that guy is just rancid!"
by ty December 13, 2003
It is in between a prick and a bitch. Therefore a Brick
That dirty slut is a Brick!!!!
by Ty December 19, 2004
A person who does not fit in any crowd and simply hangs out with itself.
Jodie, the outcast was spitted on by the preppy click.
by TY January 12, 2004
cheap films made in Hong Kong or Japan that are know for being extremely bloody. "Ichi The Killer" is one of the more known one.
Takashi Miike is the master of Gridhouse films
by ty November 25, 2003
Feeling ill, uncomfortable, sick, woozie.
Man, filthy bathrooms gives me the foobies.

Stank croch gives me the foobies.
by Ty December 19, 2004
To tan one's skin. Either buy way of sun or artificial light.
I laid out in the sun to long and got too much tizzy.

I look pale and need to go tizzy.
by Ty April 12, 2004
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