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what we call mike
"hey guys whats up?"
"nuthin much, cp, u?"
by ty December 13, 2003
uhh... seriously
1) to say ''uh seriously"
2) to michael jackson on somebody+
by ty December 13, 2003
what i am by being by admitting that am not the only one awake at 2 am looking at all these stupid definitions and looking at the spelling of definitions on the top of the screen even though im 17,while listening to nirvina,and haveing an extreme meaningful feeling of existance and for the first time in life for a long time true happieness and expressing it on the internet early in the mournig because im here.
"i am that i am and thats all that i am""all we know is all we are""i dont think anyone will reed this and nobody will vote for this one""i love my girlfriend""quick,hop' like a bunny""i belive in yesterday""2 joints in the mournig 2 at night 2 in the afternoon it makes me feel alright""You can never think whats it matter ohh yeah drugs"i am my own virus"
by ty February 13, 2004
the saggy lovehandle region on a fat child, middle-aged alcoholic, or old man. a handle on wich to grab during hot 40yo sex, or older. these hairy regions are most aperant when in the office when not wearing a suit or just a button down shirt that is tucked in. also the wonderful spectical of going swimming at a public pool. there always is a fat old man with man handles see also love handle they are usualy hairy unless the man was a twink when he was younger. the ladies dont get love handles they get fat. you cannot tell a woman that she has love handles she will get mad you smacktard
check out the man handles on frank caliendo. those things are nasta
by ty April 02, 2005
The salad is the anus. It is used in reference with the act of licking one's anus. Toss the salad.
She offered grape jelly to me when I was tossing her salad.
by Ty December 19, 2004
An awsome word meaning outragiouse, and meaningless speech.... This word is often used between Ty and Anne when quoting the infamouse Billie Joe Armstrong, aka God.
"Billie Joe is sooo freakin bombastic!"
by Ty March 30, 2005
a short weird freak of a person, who picks her nose and smells funny!!
that chick is so vilma!!
by ty August 19, 2004
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