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it means "to get her done"... to have sex...
"i do" "i do" "i now pronounce you man and wife"... someone in the crowd.."GETTER DONE!!!!"
by Tracyz October 02, 2004
it means FUCK in polish. Its best said at random and obsurd times... make it happen!
talking bout normal stuff lalalalal.. dodod i need 20letters....."ahh coodva!"
by Tracyz October 02, 2004
Mr. David Joseph Wagner
David is my Big Bung.
by Tracyz October 02, 2004
the thrusting of your hips ..comes from the ninja turtles
something really good happenes.... "swiiinnng!"
by Tracyz October 02, 2004
The light in which will never go on and is just there to make u paranoid. Drop ya beers when it lights up or ur fucked or... grab another beer and do the god dance, the good way to go down.
The blue light special fuckas
by TRACYZ February 24, 2004
LAKE SHORE DRIVE for all the chicagoians
I'm on LSD havin a great time.
by TRACYZ July 11, 2004
Guilty Turd ...something that poops on old ppls shoes, rubs their butt on the ground, smells like shit, and leaves turds around the house
"hey snuggles left a turd again"
by Tracyz October 02, 2004
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