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fit from far away, nice looking at a distance, but raf up close.
she looked really hot, turns out she was just fffa.
by TP Crew June 27, 2005
Someone who's going strong at the start of a night drinking but steadily loses energy as the night goes on. This may be due to excessive drinking, coupled with the person being a lightwieght
hey man wheres Sam?

he left, said he was tired

what a fader....
by TP Crew August 05, 2005
a ticking clock is a girl that is hot but is too young for you to make a move.
Dude check out the ticking clock, shes pretty hot
all in good time my friend, all in good time.
by TP Crew July 22, 2005
the yell uttered by ryu as he desimated his opponent with a firey ball of death
iv had it with your shit......... AIUKEN!!!! (nemesis dies in a horrible fashion)
by TP Crew June 27, 2005

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