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11 definitions by TIMMAH

Extreme state of intoxication resulting from excessive intake of drugs
Lets grab a tinnie and get maggot
by Timmah May 06, 2003
A term explaining when everyone in a group gets reamed in the ass
Everyone on our shift had to stay 5 hours extra. We were completely blanketfucked.
by Timmah February 24, 2004
Origin: Robin, one cold night decided to string two expletives together and came up with this gem.

(1) Used to show disgust, (2) as an action (Shit MY cock) or (3) as a dirogatory term.
!nkeh-$pl@: : swimming is great for everything
RoBIN 53.05: i bet you a million quid it wouldnt benefit my fucking legs
Timmah: thats because you have freaktard legs.
RoBIN 53.05: shitcock yeah

(2): RoBIN 53.05: shit my cock TONIGHT, baby yeah shit my cock TONIGHT

(3) i:
RoBIN 53.05: pish
RoBIN 53.05: you're not the only shitcock in here

(3) ii:
¸Clush.»: btw where has shitcock gone?
Timmah: outside
Timmah: to wank over the stars
by Timmah July 29, 2004
a bastardization of "mother" and "f---er"..used by african american jiggas.
Word of my mofucka jigga dog!
by Timmah March 06, 2003