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A complete slaughterhouse of gamers. He kills all who stand before him. His skillz go across many games and many platforms. An unstoppable force that will lay yo ass down.
Dude, Kills On Site just raped my ass and made me beg for seconds
by T-Dawg November 07, 2004
Of or, relating to, James Reisinger. See also Alex Diegel
Diegel: "Hey, Big Whitey!"
Jesse: "Hey, Big Whitey!"
Jesse's mom: "What did you call that kid? Large White?"
by T-Dawg April 17, 2005
(adj.) Being so cheap, your own ass thinks your wallet is a little tight.
I knew Jesse was tight on cash, but I didn't know the mother was thriftee.

Going Dutch is thrifty, but Jen is a money sucking whore cunt.
by T-Dawg November 05, 2004
Created by M.C. Vitalize. The word means, "Oh shit. I fucked and I fucked up. Fuck."
"Kumboliokoso. Shit. I forgot to wear a hat."
by T-Dawg April 06, 2004
another word for pimp
your a big poohnanie
by T-dawg May 01, 2004
Of or, relating to, or dealing with, Matt Bonetti. See also C-Money
Dan: "Yo, what's goin on Pimp Hand!"
Pimp Hand: "Do we have Hoffman HW?"
by T-Dawg April 08, 2005
Of or, relating to, or dealing with, Colin Needham. See also Pimp Hand
C-Money: "Yo, Braves won the division again."
Dan: "Stupid Phillies!"
by T-Dawg April 08, 2005

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