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An up-and-coming Canadian city with about 660,000 people in the city proper and 710,000 in the metro. It spent a few decades on the decline, but has been showing a huge comeback in the past 5 years in economics, commerce, culture, politics, etc.
If I was going to live anywhere in Canada, I'd live in Winnipeg.
by Sultan May 17, 2005
Here's what Wonder Showzen is:

Take 1 (one) concept of a children's show, and twist and mutilate the shit out of it for about 10 minutes. Then stretch it out and rub it underneath your crotch like a bath towel. Then throw it on the ground and stomp on it. Then take a piss and a shit on it. Then pour your Heineken on it and light it on fire. Then piss out the fire. Then dump LSD pills and used syringes on it. And then roll it up into a huge Zig-Zag paper and smoke it. And VOILA!! Wonder Showzen!!!
Wonder Showzen is the funniest, most twisted thing I have ever seen on the television screen. If Philo Farnsworth (inventor of the television) knew what Wonder Showzen was back when he was inventing TV, he'd immediately cancel all of his plans and immediately proceed to shoot himself in the head.
by Sultan May 17, 2005
A town of 5,000 people in the middle of fucking nowhere on the very tip (aka North Slope) of northern Alaska on the Arctic Ocean. It's colder than a witch's tit up there, and never gets warmer than -10 degrees for 6 months. For two months in the summer, the sun never sets, and in the winter, it's constantly dark. Most of the town suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder. There's absolutely no civilization for 400-500 miles in either direction. There's nothing to do there except drill oil and masturbate.
I moved to Barrow, and now I want to blow my fucking brains out.
by Sultan July 25, 2004
King of the motorcycles (Finnish term)
Suitsa is the best ever made motorcycle.
by sultan December 16, 2003
The most perfect cube of fat

(Not to be mistaken by imitators "Blod" and "Grod")
You can bounce it round the house,
You can wear it as a hat
You can show it to your dad,
You can drop it on your cat!

It's Flod, (Flod!)
It's Flod! (Flod!)
The most perfect cube of fat!
by Sultan February 02, 2005
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