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Babyjuice is a man's sperm.
Well looks like he sperminated her with his babyjuice.
by sugarmomma June 12, 2008
The cause of my neck strain. I see it every morning when I drive to work. Young, dark and lean Hispanic day laborers that stand in a parking lot waiting for work. I mentally grow their hair, take off their clothes and put loin cloths on them.
Hey girls, take a look at that man candy! Yow!!!!
by Sugarmomma November 08, 2006
An unsophisticated guy that does something like walk out of his house barefoot while eating a sandwich to get his mail. Will spoil your view. Has a cocky attitude and thinks all women love him when the reality is women are just tolerating him.
Damn, look at that schlock eating his sandwich. What a slob!
by Sugarmomma November 07, 2006
bad breath like a dirty diaper
Your breath is deity today. Would you like a piece of gum?
by Sugarmomma November 07, 2006

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