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The female Chav will, by the time she is nine years of age have realised what she wants to do with the rest of her life. Which is, to have at least four children by four different fathers (one who will be black or Asian) by the time she is 18. She does not intend to support these children herself or ask for the fathers of the children for support but instead rely on government hand outs. A Chavette will tattoo the names of her children on her body with pride of place going to her first born. This will be written across her back just above her arse. The following names of her offspring will be recorded on her arms and will consist of names like Britney, Chelsea and other such shit.
The Chavette will no doubt have her ears pierced as many times as humanly possible and her lobes crammed to capacity with large hoop earrings. Around her neck will at least 6 or 7 gold chains of different lengths with a large clown studded with semi precious hanging on the longest one reaching down to her naval.

Diet for herself and her children consists of sausage rolls, Greggs pasties, cigarettes, coke and cheep cider.
Her Children will by the time of their forth birthday will fully versed in every expletive and curse known in the English language and will indeed be asked to recite some colourful quips to the delight of its mothers peers i.e. pusher, pimp, fellow drug user.

The chavette will be a grandmother by the time she is in her mid twenties and the wonderful Chav life cycle will start all over again.
Dont hang your washing on the line that fucking robbing Chavette bitch is on the prowl.
#chav #trash #waste of space #thick as shit #scum
by Subbaka October 12, 2006
The unfunny side kick of that famous comedy double act Bush & Blair.
Where as George is a comic genius and everything he says or does has everybody crying with laughter, Tony is just rubbish. His idea of a joke is to pass laws to forbid displaying Christmas decorations in school in case it may offend a child who is not a Christian.
He is a worthless piece of shit, who is sending his country to the wall and the sooner we get rid of him the better!
When he does go the slimy bastard will give himself a knighthood so people will call him Sir when he goes on the lecture trail in the U.S.A.
Tony Blair...... "oh you can not say girl any more it is not Politically correct! You have to say female member of the human race or else you will go to prison."
Man....." FUCK OFF Blair you stupid cock sucker!"
#shit head #wanker #arsehole #scum #brain dead.
by Subbaka January 13, 2007
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