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a baby cring shiting little bastard but they are cute(at fisrt) then they go to collage and the only reason they come over is for holodays or money. the they become fat aholes who eat grime out from under there finger nails.then become old "nurse" need i say more.
the life cycle is a bitch.
by insulting person101 April 07, 2009
when looking for something for a long time and finally finding it, thus completing a part/chapter of their life. an average person would go through about 30-70 major life cycles in their lifetime, often finding lost questions and answering them or even solving problems that used to matter to them but holds no more value.
finding the name of a song that you tried to find out for 5 years, which makes that life cycle 5 years long.déjà entendu

jamais vu deja vu presque vu
by GaryTrollmer June 04, 2013

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