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Electronics; Alternating Current;
A current which follows the pattern of a Sine wave. The voltage increases, reaches a peak, dips, goes into the negative, reaches a trough, curves up again back through 0 Volts into positive.

A.C. is used as a mains voltage supply because it can be efficiently stepped up and down from the power plant and can be transported through relatively small cables across the country due to the current being stepped down and the voltage increased to around 270kV so you get the same power, but you dont need huge cables. See also D.C.

2) "Music;" Anal Cunt;
Grindcore Band
1) "The mains supply in Britain is 240V A.C."

KYLE: "Ohhh, Anal Cunt r teh uber pwnage!" *Gunges all over C.D. case*
FLETCH: "Nay."
by Stuart Fletcher February 22, 2005
1) British slang; Mean, nasty or underhanded
2) In the shade
3) Of a person; Suspicious or dodgy
1) "Aww Frank, don't hit him, he's only three..." <smack> "Aww, that's shady that... You knocked his baby teeth out."
2) "I'm sat in a shady seat located in a sun-swept villa in the south of France. I'm loving it."
3) "That dude in the corner is one shady lookin' individual."
by Stuart Fletcher November 23, 2004
<noun> In reference to tomorrow, the morrow, the next day and the day acceding today.
WINSTON: "What do you think about the travelling issues concerning our holiday in the summer?"
JONES: "It is something to be discussed morrowforth."
WINSTON: "I wholeheartedly concur with the aforementioned hypothesis, sire."
by Stuart Fletcher January 12, 2006
<interjection> Chiefly British Slang;

1) Hello.
2) Are you ok?

==> Chiefly used in the vicinity of Wigan, a large town in the North-West of England located between Liverpool and Manchester.
LONDONER: "Oh I do say; good day to you, Sir!"
WIGANER: "T'allreet lad."
by Stuart Fletcher May 15, 2005
<interjection> Chiefly Anglo-Scottish Slang;
Used to express a sexual attraction to another person.

--> The term is abnormal; There is no definite rule to using the word. Although, being an interjection, a rule of thumb would be to use it in the same way as "Wow." It is kind of the same as saying, "Hey, I want to shag you!" only in a single word.
As with most slang, the only way you can use it is how you feel it should be used...
ALLY: "Hey Stu!"

... Did that make it any clearer?
by Stuart Fletcher May 10, 2005
1) The point of orgasm during sexual intercourse.
2) The moment you smack your load all over your partner's body during a tit-wank or a hand job or something...
3) The point of orgasm in any situation, be it masturbation or otherwise.
1) "Oh darling, I have just reached my sexual zenith."
2) "Oh bitch-ass skanky ho, I be reachin' dat sexual zenith right now."
3) "Glen reached his sexual zenith as he pressed his jap's eye into the handkerchief."
by Stuart Fletcher January 17, 2005
<noun> Slang;

When someone chatting to you on the internet says something funny enough to make you laugh in real life but isn't worthy of you laughing whilst on your own, so you just smile in your mind.
Edgar: "lol, so it was wank!"
Thomas: "lol, yeah..." *mind smile*
by Stuart Fletcher February 08, 2005
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