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British slang defining the result when one manages to get rid of the entire contents of their rectal passage in one go, without splitting the fecal matter in any place or having to do 'seconds' (where there is more than one log).
"Scott managed to squeeze off a full length on Monday."
by Stuart Fletcher November 01, 2004

Popular phrase amongst Mancunians and those in the surrounding vicinity. Not necessarily in praise or worship of the city, more in a mockery of the Bible in that:
"... and on the Sixth day, God created Man(chester)."
"Hey Kyle, fancy a trip down to God's City next week? I want to nip in HMV and pickup a Nightwish album. Oh I do love Nightwish..."
by Stuart Fletcher November 01, 2004
<noun> Chiefly "Cutesy" British slang;

A shag, only used by the same cutesy people in the same sense as their version of 'hug,' which is "huggle."
Basically they say a word and end it with 'le' to make it cute.
LISA: "Hey therrrre!!! :D"
ROHAN: "Hi lisa"
LISA: "How r yooooo"
ROHAN: "Fine thanks, and you?"
LISA: "yaysies, i'm superr!"
ROHAN: "How's your boyfriend?"
LISA: "hee hee we had huggles n shaggles last nightttt!!! :D"
ROHAN: "Ok, I'm serious now lisa, are you retarded?"
by Stuart Fletcher April 12, 2005
British slang
Yet another coined term meaning the contents of the testicles.
However "plaster of penis" is usually too wordy to actually thread into a sentence and so is never often used as a metaphor for come/cum.
"Fredrick the novelist was having enormous trouble including 'Plaster of Penis' into his pornographic literature, as it spoiled the rhythm of his sentence structure."
"Father MacDougall made a tissue sculpture using plaster of penis as his glue."
by Stuart Fletcher November 03, 2004
<noun> Slang;

1) The penis.
"I am male, observe my mondo penal column."
by Stuart Fletcher May 15, 2005
<n> Northern British slang;
collective term used to describe a large amount of anything.
"Fred should have noticed a shed-load of sheds in the shed shop, but the shtupid schlong didn't."
by Stuart Fletcher December 20, 2004
<n> Science;

ºKelvin is the scale used in science on the same incremental level as celsius with its reference point 0 being absolute zero (-273ºC), as opposed to celsius which has the reference at the freezing point of water (0ºC).

--> most people only know of two temperature measurements, Farenheit and Celsius. But there are in fact three, Kelvin being the third.
"Abdul noted that water freezes at 273ºK and boils at 373ºK."
by Stuart Fletcher November 07, 2004

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