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88 definitions by Stuart Fletcher

<noun> Chiefly "Cutesy" British slang;

A shag, only used by the same cutesy people in the same sense as their version of 'hug,' which is "huggle."
Basically they say a word and end it with 'le' to make it cute.
LISA: "Hey therrrre!!! :D"
ROHAN: "Hi lisa"
LISA: "How r yooooo"
ROHAN: "Fine thanks, and you?"
LISA: "yaysies, i'm superr!"
ROHAN: "How's your boyfriend?"
LISA: "hee hee we had huggles n shaggles last nightttt!!! :D"
ROHAN: "Ok, I'm serious now lisa, are you retarded?"
by Stuart Fletcher April 12, 2005
<noun> Slang;

Used in reference to the paving slabs in the street resembling tiles that one may find in their kitchen or bathroom.
SINGLE 20+ FEMALE BANK CASHIER: "What are you doing tonight?"
SINGLE 20+ FEMALE BANK CASHIER 2: "I thought we could have a night on the tiles tonight."
SINGLE 20+ FEMALE BANK CASHIER: "Yeah, I could do with getting drunk, woo go Friday!" <raises arms to reveal angel wings>
by Stuart Fletcher January 18, 2005
Fast food terminology;

America: Giant burger, a bucket of fries and a gallon of Cola (with refills).
Europe: Large burger, a sachet of fries and a litre of Cola (without refills).
Now do you understand, America?
by Stuart Fletcher February 22, 2005
A vast music genre which can house, and satisfy all of the theraputic needs of any teenage spirit. Penetrating riffs, sub-level bass playing, ubercool machine gun drumming and in many cases beautiful lyrics.
Metal has the potential to cover any emotion, unlike other genres such as Emo, which can only cover whining, and loss.
Metal is emotion, motion, melody and RAW FUCKING POWER!!! All blended into one creamy mixture of aceness which in my eye, can rarely be matched by any other genre.
Metal Guy, "I'm totally satisfied listening to this."

Emo kid, "Boo hoo..."
by Stuart Fletcher November 03, 2004
1) Literal, Biblical; The wings of an angel.
2) Offensive, Slang; (Of a woman) Fat which gathers at the top of the arms, usually at the back so when she lifts her arms up, the flabbyness is revealed. Also known as 'Bingo Wings' for this reason.
1) Seraphim had angel wings.
2) Sarah had angel wings...
by Stuart Fletcher January 18, 2005

1. <verb> To Chun; To ejaculate
FRANK: "David, you know that I'm gonna chun all over your stereo if you carry on listening to Gerotted."
DAVE: "Just because you have dump taste in music doesn't mean I have to stop playing my stereo."
by Stuart Fletcher September 24, 2005
British slang

See also: Uber

1) <adjective> Good

2) <prefix> The most superlative

==> The word 'Über' is taken from German and is used in exactly the same way by an English slang speaker as a German speaker would. Über in German literally means 'Over' or 'Above' and is often merged with other German words to emphasise their excellence. e.g. "Übersoldat" or "Over-soldier" literally translated. In English, we would sooner say, "Super-soldier", but the meaning is the same.

Other variations:-


Variant on the spelling of 'Über' with exactly the same meaning only the 'Ü' is replaced with the greek letter 'µ' (Myu).
This is an informal and localised variant and would never be used in formal text.
1) "Aww man, that isn't only Gnarly - that is Über!"

2) "Holy shit, that is Über-cool!"

1+2) "Holy shit! Aww man, that isn't only Gnarly - that is Über-Über!!!"
by Stuart Fletcher December 20, 2004