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<adj> British slang

1) To be tough, strong and a good fighter.
2) To pretend to be tough, strong and a good fighter.
1) "Keith is hard, last week he totally fucked over Bilbo."
2) "I'm 'ard me innit. Dah'n fucken mess."
by Stuart Fletcher November 06, 2004
<noun> Geography;

The largest and most populous country in Great Britain, the largest island of an archapelago located 20 miles to the North-West of the European continent. England has borders with Scotland and Wales; Elsewhere, it is mainly bounded by the North sea and the English Channel.
It's capital city is London, which is also it's main economical and governmental heart. The government itself is known as a parliamentary democracy consisting of political parties whose members are elected into 'seats' in the House of Commons. Each member represents a constituency (usually a city or group of towns) and if elected is then known as an MP or Member of Parliament.
The Monarchy of England is symbolic and plays no powerful role in the political system, although they are the rulers of the State, and the Commonwealth by name.
London is also the capital city of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, with it's members: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (in order of land mass).
Britain had the largest empire ever known, covering just under one third of the Earth's surface, on which "the sun never set."

==> The name 'England' derives from "Angle-Land" from the Anglo-Saxons who settled here in the 4th-8th centuries A.D. Which also explains foreign names for our country, e.g. "Angleterre" in French.
ENGLISH PERSON: "I am from England."

ENGLISH PERSON 2: "Oh. Me too."
by Stuart Fletcher May 15, 2005
1) <adj> Feeling a desire to drink.
2) <adj> Causing thirst.
3) <adj> Expressing a desire to want something.
4) <adj> Chiefly British slang; A exceptionally attractive female (or man, respectively) who is "thirsty for sperm."

--> From Old English: 'Thurst'
That Phidippides must have been thirsty after running 140 miles from Marathon to Sparta in 2 days.

Running 140 miles in two days is thirsty work.

I am thirsty to win that tournament!

SCOTT: "I've just seen a girl; She was thirsty."
FLETCH: "How do you know?"
SCOTT: "I mean she was thirsty for sperm!"
FLETCH: "Show me the girl."
by Stuart Fletcher May 10, 2005

Electronics; Direct Current;
Electrical current which flows in one direction in a circuit.

D.C. current is used to power electronic circuits due to many of the components such as diodes, transistors and I.C. (Intergrated Circuit) chips which can only function properly with D.C. current.

Geography; Washington D.C.
District of Columbia
CHILD: "Why does the keyboard have a larger plug than the lamp?"
BOFFIN: "Because that bitch-assed mutha-fuckin' plug got some A.C. to D.C. convertin' to do, and those fat bitch assed components needed to do that need mo' SPACE! That's why."

PILGRIM: "What does the D.C. in Washington D.C. stand for?"
FONT OF ALL KNOWLEDGE: "You travelled 12,542.7651 miles and climbed a 2,782.957611 foot high Himalayan mountain to ask me, the Font of All Knowledge THAT?! It means District of Columbia! Now go!!!"
by Stuart Fletcher February 22, 2005

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