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The ORIGINAL RPG that Final Fantasy ripped itself off from.
Why is Final Fantasy so similar to Dragon Warrior? Because it is a direct ripoff of Dragon Warrior!
by Loto October 25, 2003
The RPG that started it all. Without this baby, Final Fantasy wouldn't exist, and due to this every FF fanboy owes his soul to Dragon Warrior.
Dragon Warrior kicks ass
by TruthHurts October 06, 2003
The best RPG in all of Gods green Earth. About as good as Final Fantasy.
Dragon Warrior 1-3 were awsome games if you ask me.
by StraightFMan February 07, 2005
The original RPG that had the option of saving data.
The best RPG out there, that unfortunately continualy got worse in the sequels.
by Watchers November 21, 2004
they roam the world slaying dragons and riding the world of evil.they also play pokemon on a daily basis and have hot ass hos on speed dial.they have a extremely high egos and they drink off of plates.they have been and they can name one!
wow that guy sure has a hot ass girlfriend! he must be a dragon warrior! girls dig the the dragon warriors
by dragonwarrior February 05, 2010
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