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The unwritten law that dictates that a the wishes of an unmarried woman's or girl's female friends trump those of a men she wants to have a relationship with. This law exists to protect said woman from being roosterpecked or whipped and her boyfriend's a pig or a man slut.
Better known as ladies first and to hell with your boyfriend.
Yo, lady, don't let that male chauvanist pig tell you what to do. He thinks you're just another piece of ass. After all, it's sisters before misters.
#bros before hoes #sisters #mister #female #pig #dog #man slut
by Stop the Pendulum March 06, 2006
To behave more courageously and/or maturely: to behave like a grown woman as opposed to acting like a little girl. The female equivalent of grow some balls or grow a pair.
Evil right-wing bitch Ann Coulter should grow some ovaries and make amends to Democrats she slanders instead of writing libelous books accusing liberals (read: any civilized human being) of her own wrongdoings. BTA, she probably wasn't born with ovaries.
#grow some balls #grow a pair #grow a set #ovaries #balls
by Stop the Pendulum August 22, 2006
A person who knows and points out the truth before you can weasel your way out of it. A type of a mind reader.
I thought I could get away with fibbing about sneaking food in the middle of the night. Little did I know I was dealing with a swami, and she doesn't let me get away with anything! The woman can read my mind!!!
#mind reader #psychic #witch #seer #mentalist
by Stop the pendulum January 14, 2006
A cat with his or her own myspace account.
Also known as a myspace mrow.
This is a riot! Who'd have thought there would be so many myspace meows?
#myspace #cat #kitty #meow #mrow
by Stop the pendulum May 13, 2006
Old school, pre-1960's style liberal; center-left populist.
A paleoliberal typically espouses the following:
1. protection of the right of workers to organize and bargain collectively
2. protection of the interests of the underdog against the whims of the powerful.
3. supports the right to individual privacy within reasonable limits; does not include abortion rights (see definition #2) or gay marriage, but does include keeping the government from snooping on your reading habits.
4. The right for minorities to be free from discrimination in employment, housing, public accomodations, etc., thus protecting their rights from the tyranny of the majority without diluting majority rule.
5. the inherent, affirmative right to vote and have your votes counted as you intended, without interference from fraudulently programmed voting machines designed to "flip" votes.
6. The right to life means the right to a decent life, for both born and unborn. Paleoliberals don't divorce the sanctity of life from the quality of life, unlike Christofascists or left-liberals.
7. May or may not support the death penalty, although I personally oppose it except for war criminals, deposed dictators, wartime traitors, and/or serial killers who pose an escape risk.
8. Embrace gender equity. Man and woman are to be treated as equals under the eyes of the law and their differences are to be respected, not derided.
I can't wait for Bob Casey, Jr. to trounce Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum! We'll have a true paleoliberal Dem representing Pennsylvania, as opposed to a right-wing VIRGINIAN posing as a PA Republican!
#casey #liberal #democrat #santorum #christofascist #christo-fascist
by Stop the pendulum December 31, 2005
A person, usually but not always a woman, who dates or otherwise becomes romantically or sexually involved with a man for the sake of obtaining free weed.
My friend isn't a gold digger--she's a weed whacker!! She's seeing this guy because she can get all the weed she wants!
#weed #gold digger #pot #money #grass
by Stop the pendulum January 11, 2006
Sen. Bill Frist, Tennessee Republican.
So named because when he was a med student, he lied to local no-kill animal shelters by "adopting" kittens, keeping them as pets for a few days, and then dissecting and killing the cats for his medical experiments.
First Senator Cat Killer tried to use the nuclear option to enable Bush to ram through extremist judges. Now he wants to run for president.

Americans ought to go all out to keep Cat Killer from becoming the next President.
by Stop the Pendulum July 02, 2005
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