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The act of taking a normal sized dump in under 1 minute.
Steve "JT just took a speed dump."
Ian "What's a speed dump?"
Steve "It's what he does."
#dump #speed #crap #shit #poop
by Steve Nurse January 15, 2006
A set of breasts that would be in the running for the world's ugliest, nastiest, smelliest, most hideous tits.
"Yo Kris, your girlfriend has a sweet set of toilet titties. D-Money... light up!!!"
#tits #breasts #boobs #d money #toilet
by Steve Nurse February 08, 2006
A term created by Chuck Swirsky, "onions" is when a Toronto Raptor hits a clutch shot in b-ball.
Swirsky "Are you kidding me!? CB4! Onions baby, onions!"
Jack Armstrong "HELLO!"
#raptors #swirsky #basketball #hello #raps
by Steve Nurse November 04, 2007
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