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Becky Shoom's alias...you can IM her on shoomybabe218!!!!
Shoominator in da house yall!
by Stephdizzle August 22, 2004
Penis. Up. My. Ass. ... self explanitory
Brandon Locke recieves pumas from Joe Frutz everyday this week; it has been hard for him to sit down; but he enjoys it very much.
by Stephdizzle August 22, 2004
A fuck puppet is something that you use when you dont have a partner to have sex with. Examples:
Female fuck puppets doorknob, broomstick, cleverly shaped hand, hairbrush, pencil, phone antenna, lightbulb, spatula, fork, safety scissors (perfect if u want a BETTER orgasm)

Male fuck puppets coffee cup, apple pie, canoli, pencil sharpener (for the less fortunate), carton of milk

As you can see, woman have a wider variety of fuck puppets. Make sure to try a fuck puppet!!
Julie used a fuck puppet after having sex with Dominic because he could not provide an orgasm.
by Stephdizzle August 22, 2004

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