Top Definition
A left handed punch, preferably thrown by an Italian.
"Whatda ya wannna canoli uh sumthin???
by ATM Master April 01, 2008
A well used vagina.

Can also be used to refer to an entire woman.
Ex. 1

Ryan - Wow, that girl's hot
Joe - Nah, you don't want to touch that, she has a canoli

Ex. 2

Ben - She's hot
Joe - Nah man, she's a canoli
by awesome5280 May 16, 2016
When two dudes creampie a chick simoultaneously in her mouth and vagina or anus.
Yo, Little Robert. Let's take Dirty Diana to the bakery and give her that canoli action.
by King of Truffle-Butter May 31, 2015
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