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144 definitions by Stephanie

some chic whos going out with some gueer fag named luis. ha ha marissa you would make out with me! lmao awesome! your one of BFF!!! i luv ya to death.
dude marissa is FN awesome
by Stephanie February 01, 2005
A somewhat exclamatory remark used when expressing attraction to a picture of an attractive person; usually not directed at the attractive person, but is more commonly used as a comment to a friend when one is seen.
Steph: Hey, check this guy out.
Meg: oh my god, nef.
by Stephanie September 18, 2004
a word you use when you see someone looking very serious riding on their motorcycle/bike/car
*sees man on motorcycle* *sings* "neener neener neener neener, neener neener neener neener, neener neener neener neener nee nee nerrrrr!"
by Stephanie September 12, 2003
to give your word and go back on it
screwing over you friends
by stephanie April 05, 2004
A classy lady, who is respected.
Someone who is looked highly apon by all.
by stephanie November 20, 2003
all up in my grill means when someone is all up in your business or all up in your body area
guy comes up places hand on girls boob
girl says: oh boy...you are all up in my grill, you better get off
by Stephanie April 26, 2004
A brown horse that has black points.
Look at that beautiful bay thoroghbred.
by Stephanie November 14, 2004