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a person that is so fat fat that it looks like they have no neck. That the neck is connected to their shoulders.
hay no neck
by john doe November 15, 2003
Term for a person who appears to physically have no neck because his/her head is attached directly to the shoulders.
Little Jimmy will develop into an eternally single and gay no-neck because his burly father bopped him on the head as a child each day.
by Benutty March 08, 2008
Henry Rollins, spoken-word artist and singer for Rollins Band. Also used to sing for pioneer punk band, Black Flag.
the man has no neck!!! just look at him!
by aiden diabhal January 15, 2004
A certain employee of a famous local newsganets in Westhoughton which is KK Patel formerly called Stobbs's.
He appears either to have no neck due to obesity or a disability. He is also the son of the owner.
That guy who has no neck is on today.
by Mark Davenport November 22, 2007
A hereditary or injury-induced disability in which a person lacks a neck. Often associated with dim-wittedness and sexual deviancy in third world countries.
Hey, get off my lawn you no-neck son of a bitch!
by colesabitch April 07, 2014
The Criminologist (a.k.a. "Crim") in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."
"Charles Gray was great in that old Bond film."
"Oh, you mean old No Neck?"
by Anonymous July 31, 2003
Is a person who you feel is not using their head in a situation. Then, it can refer to a person who is forget.
Bob, called his friend a "no neck", because of his decision not to stay in school.
by Donnie Cecil June 08, 2003
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