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a white suburban woman..... upper to middle class, who drives either a mini van or an SUV to shuttle her "precious cargo" to play dates, soccer practice, little league, PTA meetings. All the while, endangering the lives of other drivers and pedestrians on the road with her lead foot and cutting people off in traffic. A woman who also has an affinity for Starbucks, forcing her children to listen to Yanni, imposing time outs on her little "angels" instead of the more deserved smack on the ass that these little shits deserve, and maintaining her trophy wife status to her executive husband..... Mostly....... A woman who has no idea how to actually raise a child by her own wits, just subscribing to the BS that it takes a village.......
see above
by Stephanie November 21, 2003
Someone who is kick ass in every way.
Boy says: You know who's kick ass?
Girl says: No, who?
Boy says: Tamar!
Girl says: Oh I know! She's totally kick ass.
by Stephanie May 10, 2004
Lady Lumps are the sex appealing breasts on a woman. Generally fairly large but they dont have to be watermelons. Just as long as they arn't flat.
Hey, Check out her lovely lady lumps.
by Stephanie July 18, 2005
have sex
i wanna get busy!
by Stephanie September 14, 2003
the foxiest guitarist alive... no one can rock a pink tie like he can.
jade rocks my socks
by Stephanie August 05, 2003
n. great/awesome..used by those who hail from Eastern Massachusetts. Is usually paired with 'wicked'
The Boston Red Sox are wicked pissah. (Followed by incoherent screaming and cheers, if said anywhere in Boston)
by Stephanie March 30, 2005
dressed to kill
that outfit is g'd up
by Stephanie September 14, 2003

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