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got stars in his eyes
" JP you sure have your sights set on something big"

" ya, im a juke box hero "

" shut up rock band isnt even out in the UK yet "
by Steltran April 30, 2008
the great sound produced by Mr. Herbert on family guy.
" take your peeps and your poops jessie...thats gonna feel nice for jessie"


by Steltran April 30, 2008
when you are shot up close with a shotgun and only your legs get blown off.
" man i just got my legs shot off "

" you got lieutenant dan'd "
by Steltran April 30, 2008
the perfect combination of good friends, playing poker and doing copious amounts of drugs, mainly cocaine.
" yo man, coker or poker tonight "

" i dont got shit tomorrow, so coker it is! "

" somebody tell dyldo! "
by Steltran April 30, 2008
A wonderful combination of playing Fifa soccer on xbox and doing a lot of cocaine to keep the party going.
" whats up tonight subizno? "

" little bit of Schnifa with Redkit, you in? "

" only if speedy comes down "
by Steltran April 30, 2008
cheap ass pickup with some ghetto fence type thing bordering the cab.

" yo wheres the last guy at? "

" i saw him hiding in the mexi-truck by sniper "

" go get em fallen "
by Steltran April 30, 2008
a super amazing hot fun girl who just loves to help distract you from your day.
" help me prete, im bored and going insane "

" invitation received for RPS "

" lol "
by Steltran April 30, 2008
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