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1.The last name of Myself.
2.The last name of my family as well.
"What are we doing tonight?"
(random person) "I don't know, I think we are going to Coker's house."
by Coker July 06, 2004
A kind of panda bear that looks and speaks like a human. He tends to drink lots of Mountain Dew and makes inhuman noises. He knows everything there is to know about anything music related.
Damn Coker, stop playing so much yugioh and gimme some Mountain Dew
by xzawkx August 10, 2011
A unicycle with a very large wheel diameter, used in long distance riding. The bigger wheel gives the unicycle the ablility to move over great distances in relativily short periods of time, while still amazing everone who sees it.
I traveled across China in 61 days on my Coker.
by Vortex April 27, 2003
the perfect combination of good friends, playing poker and doing copious amounts of drugs, mainly cocaine.
" yo man, coker or poker tonight "

" i dont got shit tomorrow, so coker it is! "

" somebody tell dyldo! "
by Steltran April 30, 2008
A person who cleans fireplaces. Yes, this sad sad occupation is what my family evidently did hundreds of years ago.

by Zsou July 26, 2008
The codomain of a linear map modulo its image (also, cokernel).
The cokernel and kernel of this map are both 0. It must be an isomorphism.
by DLFFFFFFFF March 16, 2010
one who dose lots of coke
Damn cokers always on my door step somking crack!
by Inner City April 28, 2003
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