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American prison. It is assumed that being placed in prison will result in being rape. A large part of the deterrence effect of prison in America is the fear of rape.
Judge: I find you guilty and sentence you to prison.

Defendant: I don't want to go the rape cage.

Judge: You should have thought of that before buying a quarter ounce of marijuana.
#prison #jail #rape #liberty #prison industrial complex #judicial system #american justice #justice #male rape
by Stargoat July 21, 2011
Songcycle is the phenomenon experienced when a person repeatedly thinks of a song or refrain of music, perhaps in spite of efforts not to think of the song or refrain of music. The person may find himself humming or singing the song or refrain of music without intending to.
I was heard only half of Misty Mountain Hop on the way in to work this morning, and now I'm stuck in a songcycle.
#music #stuck-in-your-head #repeat #song-cycle #refrain #verse #yellow submarine
by Stargoat January 18, 2008
A myocardial infarction, more commonly know as a heart attack. It is the leading cause of death all over the world for both men and women.
1. Phil won't be at the game tonight boys, he had his first big gripper yesterday.
#medical #old age #heart attack #myocardial infarction #superfans #perfect health #cholesterol
by Stargoat January 13, 2010
A sexually aroused Homer Simpson poorly pretending to be Hercules.
Come to Homercles!

Homercles cares not for beans!
#homer simpson #the simpsons #hercules #sexual role playing #greek god #geek god
by Stargoat November 09, 2011
More than 50% of a dividable object. Often used in reference to foods or liquids.
1. There's a better part of a gallon of milk left in the refrigerator.

2. There's the better part of a meal in that doggie bag.
#booze #measurement #approximate #about #almost #exactly
by Stargoat August 01, 2011
Baseball fans, particular of the Chicago Cubs, who boo their own players.
Ryne Sandberg struck out, and look out folks, the Boo Bears have come out.
#baseball #fans #boo #boos #cubs #bleacher bums #lee elia #other 15 percent
by Stargoat September 11, 2010
The Friendly Derby is a football match between rival Merceyside clubs, Everton FC and Liverpool FC. Sometimes referred to as the Merceyside Derby or in Liverpool simply as the Derby. Unlike people from London or Manchester, Scousers respect each other regardless of football club and get along well together. Sections for each club will exist at these matches, but there is a good deal of intermingling. This could not happen at other derbies. As long as both clubs are in the English Premier League, there are two friendly derbies a year, the first at Goodison Park, and the second at Anfield.
Ideally, there are six Friendly Derbies in a year, one at Goodison Park, one at Anfield, three at Wembley (League Cup Final, FA Cup Final, Community Shield), and one at a neutral location (Champions League Final).

We're all scousers at the friendly derby. Let's have a drink together.

The friendly atmosphere between supporters rarely extends onto the pitch at the Friendly Derby. Since the inception of the Premier League, it has seen more red cards than any other game.

The FA is stupid to separate scousers at the friendly derby. Unless they are concerned we'll all riot together against their anti-Liverpudlian bigotry.
#football match #everton #liverpool #everton fc #liverpool fc #merceyside #scousers #ynwa #justice for the 96 #toffee #toffees #reds #de reds #merceyside derby #darby #liverpudlian
by Stargoat October 02, 2012
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