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1. A noun used to describe what players 'spin' in order to attrct a mate.
2. Something that Fag Urkle could not get with a goat.
I feel so sorry for that goat. Tell Urkle to go get some cheese and kiss my ass.
by Squirrelykins June 22, 2005
Term used to describe another person with extreme theatrical talent, but somewhat frightening feet. (As good as she is, guy, admit it. That scene where you only see her bare feet was....scary.)
"Kendra's definetely got Uma in her. She can make herself cry on cue AND she wears a size fourteen!"
by Squirrelykins June 22, 2005
1. A most redundant 'rung in the social ladder' to describe a certain person's tastes, likes, dislikes, and overall character. Highly OVERATED.
2. Something that you most defenitely do not put over a baby's mouth to keep her quiet.
1. "Her label? Oh, I'm sorry, she must have scraped the barcode off the back of her neck. Looks like she's an individual now. SECURITY!"
2. "Catie, we can NOT tell mom. Just say that she's....asleep."
by Squirrelykins June 22, 2005
I think I will allow Stewie Griffin to explain this one.
"Eminem and 50 Cent wouldn't know a proper lyric if it crawled up their ass and brought them to orgasm through prostate stimulation."
by Squirrelykins June 23, 2005
The one person who will bail you out of jail when you killed eight of the zoo's wild chimps in a drunken rage because 'those fat ass heiffers owed you money'.
Biscuit. Hey man, you know who you are. Much love.
by Squirrelykins June 22, 2005
The crazed, egotistical and rather perverted sex hound on Family Guy. Almost always trying to spin his game, Quagmire is most commonly known for his star quote: 'Giggety giggety giggety Allllllright!'
Woman: Glen honey, I have a question for you. What do you do for a living?
Quagmire: Hey, I've got a question for you. Why are you still here?
by Squirrelykins June 22, 2005
Someone who has to look up the term 'idiot'.
Well, look what we have here!
by Squirrelykins June 23, 2005
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