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A Rotbag is a highly unattractive person, generally female. (see Cabbage Patch )
A Rotbag has a face only a mother could love, and generally works at a radio station or on a night shift to hide their uglyness from the general public.
Dude, look at that Rotbag over there. AAAAAARRRRGH MY FACE IS MELTING!!!!!!!
by SproggleBump July 18, 2010
A frook is a cross between a Freak and a Fool. Thought to origin from England, circa 2005, by my partner who cant talk for shit!
Shut up you Feckin F-F-F-F-F-Frook!!!
by SproggleBump July 16, 2010
A Highly unattractive woman, usually with nice flowery names such as 'Rose'. Dont be fooled, this does not hide the fact that they are Rank!
These women can only get pregnant by forcing drunk, paraletic, incoherent males into having sex with them.

Cabbage Patch women generally have unshaven vaginas which contain so much acidity they would literally cause a males penis to rot (see Knobrot). They also smell of fish.

The use of foul language is usually emitted from a 'Cabbage Patch' on a very regular basis, generally aimed towards their child.
Look at the state of that Cabbage Patch over there, what a fucking Rotter! I bet the bloke who fucked that has got severe Knobrot!
by SproggleBump July 18, 2010

A mythical creature, about 6'2 in height with long grey hair and whiskers. Resembles an ugly yeti or sasquatch.
The Sandman lives in the sand dunes near Blackpool. He preys upon males who live and work in the local area, and uses cider to lure them back to his seaweed lair for a strum on his 'guitar'. If the cider trap is unsuccessful The Sandman will just suck off or bum the unsuspecting young men on the sand dunes then slope off on his merry way!
Sandman:- Hello young man, would you like to come back to the seaweed lair to drink cider and play on my twanger?

Young Man:- No thanks, Sandman, i am just walking my dog in the Sand Dunes.

Sandman:- Ok young man, that is not a problem, i will just bum you here. It is dark, secluded and nobody else is around!
by Sprogglebump December 12, 2010

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