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Fake chemical compunds that can apparently reduce wrinkles in the skin and make it look smoother, younger and healthier (i.e. a load of bullshit, or a quick substitution for some hydrochloric acid to burn those wrinkles off).
New Oil of Spewlay! With pentapeptides, it almost sounds like we made it in a lab, instead of mixing some mayonnaise up with other crap we could find.
by Spoofnet April 02, 2006
A PC company who entrap newbies with their pathetically outdated, yet extortionatly priced PCs.
Hah! You own a Packard Smell - you suck!
by Spoofnet October 30, 2003
A phrase used to describe a really attractive pair of legs on a woman, so that the woman who is being described does not know that you are talking about her legs (i.e. it is a code system).

More specifically, this is used to rate legs in a covert way - the rating system running from Sunday to Saturday, with "Sunday legs" being too thin and "Saturday legs" being too fat - hence "Wednesday legs" (the mid-point of the week) are just right.

N.B. When rating legs it is important to note that no two pairs of wednesday legs will ever be the same - there is no preset size or dimensions, it is simply how the legs are in proportion to the woman.
(Attractive woman in front)
Man 1: Look at those wednesday's!
Man 2: I dunno, they look more like mid-tuesday's to me...
(Attractive woman walks away, out of earshot)
Man 1: She had some damn nice wednesday legs.
by Spoofnet December 04, 2005
Informal name for a feminist, particularly a feminist of misandrous (hatred of men) and extreme views.
Man: Hey, look at that Fembo over there!
Female: All men deserve to die because...
by Spoofnet February 06, 2006
When in a situation which is merited as being the best possible one. Often muttered when being lazy on a chair, with a beer in hand and something decent on TV.
Cheese and ham toasties after 9 with a beer? Now that's french living!
by Spoofnet July 18, 2006
The feeling that a CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) student gets when reading through the far-too-detailed information of how the entire interwebs works. Can be described as the equivalent of "death by Cisco".
Detective Barbrady: What do we have here then?
Officer Ballsgravy: Another one took his own life, Chief. Looks like another ciscocide - he was reading Chapter 9 on EIGRP... poor fucker.
Detective Barbrady: DAMN YOU CISCO!
by Spoofnet March 28, 2008
The act of intense study of a particular subject, usually the night before an assignment is due in.

Derived from The Simpsons quote: "Well, if it isn't the leader of the weiner patrol, boning up on his nerd lessons".
John: Looks like we'll have to do some nerd boning for this test.
by Spoofnet October 31, 2007
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