A Fine Turkish Tobacco Product
Hello there gypsy, may I trade you this cow for a fttp?
by Brit Pop April 19, 2011
Fiber to the Premises. Industry slang for running fiber optic cable to a neighborhood, campus, or business, but not all the way through the building or all the way to your home.

A stopgap measure deployed while telecom and internet companies spend billions to rewire their networks and give you higher speed.

Any type of fiber will allow much higher internet speeds and allow for things like HDTV video chatting with friends, large online gaming, etc.
"We chose to run FTTP instead of Fiber all the way to the home because of the cost savings"
by Mike a.k.a. NerdBoy January 26, 2005
Fire to the Prisons. Acronym used mainly by Anarchists, meaning what it sounds like - as the liberation of all human bodies from state incarceration. Also the name of an Anarchist publication containing political essays and letters from political prisoners.
by sindelhandle December 05, 2014

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