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5 definitions by Spanner

Porsche.... Is one of the best engineered car manufacture's of all time.
928 ...... one of the most luxurious Porsche's ever ever (yes i repeated ever !) made....
Porsche 928, is one of the most expensive cars ever made by Porsche. By comparison to a 911 (Beetle Sport), they cost twice as much (a beetle) when they were new....
Fuck me ! What was that cool car ?
That was a Fucking ace car, thats what it was.... (as a speeding blurr passes 2 train spotters....)
by Spanner January 26, 2005
Liverpool slang for ambulance.
Fetch us an ambo, I've gotta go ta Ossie.
by Spanner January 22, 2004
Rich, Loaded.

As in Brewster's Millions.

Used in Birkenhead, and probably elsewhere as well.
x: I can't afford to go.
y: Gerraway, yer brewstered, you.
by Spanner January 22, 2004
Liverpool slang for Hospital.
I'm off ta the Ossie.
by Spanner January 22, 2004
Humorous insult used for friends
Henry you fungulu, waste your time!
by Spanner November 03, 2003