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* Go away, immediately.

* Get away from me as soon as possible, as you can't be telling the truth. I may even consider you a liar if you keep preaching such fantasy.

* A mark of unbelievable surprise.

* Total disbelief of what you've just heard.

*** The term 'gerraway' is derived from generations of Sunderland citizens.

*** Hot-spots for this form of interaction can be found all round Sunderland, on a daily basis. Especially on Blandford street next to the train Station.
Pal comments: "eeeeee uh huh... I went to a new dance class last week and I saw that Guneet Singh was takin' us all..."

You reply: "Mmmmm... gerraway"

Other: "eeeee have a look over there y' can get two cans of tuna for the price of one..."

You reply: "Gerraway"

Other: "I didn't have my brolly with me yesterday and I got drenched right through waiting for the bus..."

You reply: "Gerraway"

by Wolf Man of Bleecker Street April 29, 2009

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