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during sex, inserting index, and middle finger into a womans vagina, while simaltaniously folding the ring finger, and inserting the pinkey into her anus.

two for the pink, one for the stink
by Spadge March 08, 2003
A lesson in which Strong Bad excels!
Will you write my englilish paper for me?
by Spadge September 12, 2003
a movement, procedure, or method performed to achieve a desired result extremely quick and fast. Especially in regard to Pub Brawling or excecuting a dodgey one-night-stand/sexual encounter without forming emotional attachments or sexual partner finding out (in the case of defacto relationship). "Get in, get the job done and get the f#ck out of there..." - Joe Clarke circa 1984
"Hey Spadge, just go and meet up with Jenny and give her a quick Joe Clarke Manoeuvre and be done with it..."
by Spadge September 01, 2005
An old english common name for house-sparrow or field-sparrow. Often a nickname for a petty thief.

As a term of endearment used by parents as a nickname based on physical atrributes or eating habits.
There's a right cheeky spadger that keeps peeping at me from the gutter through my bedroom window.
by spadge January 25, 2013
Spadge in a name is a shortening of "Spadger" which is an old english common name for a house-sparrow or field-sparrow.
As a name, any example is acceptable, so "Hi Spadge"
by spadge January 25, 2013

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