1 definition by SomeNigger


Usage - To nig

1) To borrow without the intention of returning

2) To act niggardly in general. (More commonly known as "nigging around")

3) To "jokingly" steal, then actually steal it because you're a nig
1) Jerome came ovah to muh crib and be like "Ey Tyrone lemme getcho lawn mowah real quick doe, I need tuh shave." I let him borrow it and I haven't heard from him sense. Clearly, he nigged my lawnmower.

2) My cousin asked if he could wear my new Nikes this summer because they looked fresh as shit with his clothes. I never saw those shoes again, and every time I asked, he changed the subject. He nigged my shoes.
by SomeNigger February 05, 2013

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