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a person that constantly wants to be on holiday, and always finds opportunities to go on holiday, and when not on holiday the person may obsess or fantasize being on one
the person with the holiday obsession disorder may annoy or agitate a friend or partner by wanting to be on holiday most of the time.

by Snarly May 28, 2008
the act of squeezing a spot on a persons body part to extract the persons white puss or gunge.
a person may assist another person to pop a spot by squeezing the spot on an arm with his/hers two arms using the finger nail. You squeeze until the pressure builds and pops the spot and you wipe away the puss. The act might be painfull.
by Snarly May 28, 2008
an act of applying a few fingers to a persons cheek and stroking gently up and down as a way to console the person in a sympathetic mannor. It shows the person you feel for them and should make them feel better
if your feeling sorry for someone or someone is showing sadness or vunrability you say" aww snee the cheek" or "chee chee chee chee chee"
by Snarly May 27, 2008
usually a 2 litre empty bottle for weeing in when you cant be bothered to go downstairs to the toilet or its not accessable and sometimes if you have a bladder problem.
if someones in the toilet downstairs and you cant keep it in, you could use a wee bottle
by Snarly May 29, 2008
aka nuggy pillow. Is a small pillow from ikea that is extremly comefy on the head and makes the person feel sleepy and snuggy.
as soon as you put your head on the snuggy pillow your eyes become sleepy, you give in to its nuggyness and you fall into a deep sleep. Zzzz
by Snarly May 29, 2008
if someone is feeling feverish. They may ask someone to check if he /she has a temperature.
by placing a hand on the head to check if the head is hot and feverish and to see if the person has a temperature. The person may ask "have i got a temperature" or sympathetically - "tempwature"
by Snarly May 27, 2008
that act of having fun and adventures, in outdoor pursuits. It should be exciting and thrilling
going on holidays, watersports, themeparks and counrtyside treks. The person might say its snarlytime
by Snarly May 29, 2008

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