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An irritated state. When having a fantod, people talk faster and move their hands around more often then normal. Often happens to those who worry about college and/ or are doing too many extracuricular activities.
"Don't have a fantod...."
by Smocko November 06, 2004
A verb, the act of speaking laconically.
"Great job buddy" laconed the camp counselor.
by Smocko September 19, 2004
Of or realting to the time of duker, when he is over, or he is there. Often, duker is reluctant for Duker Toime see toime.
Duker toime!

Duker: It's not Duker Toime!!
by Smocko October 06, 2004
No, really, that kid's not calm.
Park: Hey guys.
Duker: Dude, calm down.
Harry: This kid's not calm.
by Smocko March 15, 2005
The opening at the lower end of the body, a meatus or canal, through which solid waste departs from the body.

see hilt, shank, stock, stub, tail, tip
Yeech! you hit me right in my poop shoot!

Fecal matter and whatnot is excretently exploding out of my poop shoot.

by Smocko October 06, 2004
A small, sad lump.
(Just remove the 'p')
"What a pathetic little lump that is."
"No, that's a lum."
by Smocko October 28, 2004

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